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Personal Injury Defense

Our personal injury defense attorneys provide legal counsel and have extensive defense experience in all areas of personal injury law. 

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personal injury defense attorney
personal injury defense lawyer

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Personal Injury Defense Attorney

Our highly skilled personal injury defense attorneys have successfully defended a variety of personal injury claims. With mental anguish in many cases, as well as the additional threat of punitive damages, personal injury claims can be costly.​

Most personal injury lawsuits arise under a claim of negligence. Under a negligence theory, there are several elements to prove. The injured party, known as the “plaintiff,” generally has to prove that he was owed a duty; that somehow that duty was violated or breached; and that breach, directly and through the natural course of progression of events, caused him injury, including mental anguish. This general theory varies depending on the situation itself, as well as the relationship to the plaintiff. Other personal injury lawsuits may arise from intentional actions, such as battery, slander, or other torts. They carry the threat of punitive damages.

Our personal injury defense attorneys can help ensure that all applicable defenses are plead and pursued. We fully embrace each case with the client's best interests in mind. Analyzing each case, we determine the most effective course of action to achieve a favorable resolution.

Our personal injury defense attorneys have represented clients in:

Experienced Personal Injury Defense Lawyers

If you are a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to have a highly experienced personal injury defense lawyer who listens. Our personal injury defense attorneys are committed to protecting their clients’ best interests.

Our team of reputable personal injury defense lawyers carefully analyzes personal injury cases to form sound case strategies to resolve legal matters effectively and efficiently.

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