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Workers' Compensation Defense

Our workers' compensation defense attorneys routinely handle the defense of workers' compensation claims of every size and type throughout the state.

Practice Contacts

workers compensation defense attorney
workers compensation defense attorney

Practice Attorneys

Experienced Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyers

From the time a claim is filed to the courtroom, if necessary, our workers' compensation lawyers are well-versed in defending workers' compensation 

cases. They are adept at outlining an investigation, reviewing and analyzing the results of the investigation, deciphering medical records and diagnoses, testing the credibility of vocational experts, building a credible defense, and effectively arguing the points that a court should consider. Their keen evaluation of a case helps prevent surprises.

Workers' Compensation Defense Attorney

Workers' compensation is a body of state law created to compensate workers injured on the job. An injured worker does not have to establish negligence on the part of the employer, but that doesn’t mean that a defense is not important. While the scope of workers' compensation statutes are broad, not every injury is covered. An experienced workers' compensation defense counsel knows what is and isn’t.


Though the statutes prescribe what and how an injured worker should be compensated, the opinions of examining physicians and vocational experts can vary widely resulting in significant values. From the degree of disability to the difference between partial and total disability, our attorneys are skilled at effectively building a case and persuasively arguing the true value of a claim to the court.

For effective and efficient defense of workers' compensation claims, trust our workers' compensation defense attorneys.

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