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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our skilled Alabama mediators and arbitrators have experience resolving cases involving a wide range of claims in state and federal court.

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We have attorneys skilled as mediators in the art of assisting parties with resolving disputes through compromise settlement agreements. All of our litigators are experienced advocates in mediation proceedings. Our clients who choose us to serve as mediators appreciate and value our experience and high rate of successful resolutions.  

Mediation can be a tremendously effective tool in resolving disputes without destroying business relationships. It allows parties to work toward a resolution out of the public eye (the courts) without spending large sums on legal expenses.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


​Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an approach or means for resolving disputes outside the judicial system of state or federal courts, commonly in the forms of arbitration or mediation. ADR can also include negotiation, collaborative law, and conciliation. Mediation is considered among the least formal alternatives to litigation and involves an impartial third party who assists the parties in reaching a settlement of the dispute.

The terms “arbitration” and “mediation” are sometimes used interchangeably, but this mixing of terminology is inaccurate. While the mediator assists the parties as they work through potential solutions, the arbitrator makes a final decision on the dispute, which is binding on the parties.

Our mediators have experience in:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Arbitration

  • Christian Conciliation

  • Collaborative Law

  • Conciliation

  • Negotiation

In contrast to arbitration, in mediation, the parties involved utilize an outside party to help them reach a settlement. Though mediation often takes place after a lawsuit is filed, it is becoming more common for the parties to select pre-litigation mediation as a way to resolve a conflict earlier and save litigation costs.


Rather than dictate a solution to the dispute between parties, the mediator—who remains neutral throughout—may suggest various proposals to help the two parties reach a mutually agreeable solution. In mediation, the various needs of the conflicting sides of an issue are identified, and ideas and concepts are exchanged until a viable solution is proposed by either of the parties or the mediator. Rarely does the mediator exert pressure on either party to accept a solution. Instead, the mediator's role is to encourage clear communication and compromise to resolve the dispute. Our mediators are skilled at utilizing different techniques to assist the parties in reaching a compromise settlement which is mutually beneficial.


Arbitration is the procedure by which parties agree to submit their disputes to an independent neutral third party, known as an arbitrator. We have skilled lawyers who serve as arbitrators, and our litigators are adept at serving as advocates in an arbitration proceeding. The arbitrator considers arguments and evidence from both sides and issues a final, binding decision. This alternative, which is often used to adjudicate business-to-business, business-to-employee, business-to-customer, and insurance-to-insured disputes, can utilize an independent arbitrator selected by the parties to resolve a particular grievance, or an arbitrator selected through the procedures of third-party administrators such as the American Arbitration Association or Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

Trusted Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Our mediators and arbitrators are distinguished by a history of successfully resolving cases through alternative dispute resolution.

If you or your organization need an attorney experienced in alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, contact us.

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