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Premises Liability Defense

Our premises liability defense attorneys are experienced defending premises liability claims and lawsuits in state or federal court.

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Premises Liability Defense Attorney

Our premises liability defense attorneys represent property owners and others involved in lawsuits alleging that defective or dangerous conditions on real property or within buildings, businesses, homes, or other improvements led to injuries. We defend homeowners, businesses, general contractors, developers, design professionals, retail stores, grocery stores, and property owners against claims of injuries and property damage.

Our premises liability defense attorneys have experience litigating:

  • Dangerous or Hazardous Conditions

  • Inadequate Security

  • Negligent Security

  • Open Excavations

  • Premises Liability

  • Premises Security

  • Slip and Fall

  • Uncleared Snow

  • Uneven Pavement

Experienced Premises Liability Defense Lawyers

Premises liability law is the body of law which makes the person who is in possession of land or premises responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are on the premises. Although some premises cases, such as so-called “slip and fall” cases, can seem simple, each one has its unique facts and circumstances. Thus, in assessing a premises liability case, it is helpful to consult an experienced premises liability lawyer such as ours.

Our skilled premises liability defense attorneys are professional and knowledgeable in understanding the details, facts, complications, and circumstances that arise in premises liability cases.

Our premises liability defense attorneys are distinguished by a history of successfully defending premises liability claims. 

For experienced representation in a premises liability case, contact us.

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