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Government Tort Liability

Our government tort liability lawyers are veterans at defending public employees from a variety of tort claims.

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Government Tort Liability Lawyers

While public employees enjoy some immunity from tort liability for claims made against them, there are a host of exceptions. Cases involving these claims are unique and quite different from typical tort claims.


Our government tort liability lawyers regularly defend public employees, including elected officials, merit employees, state government employees, local government employees, county employees, municipal employees, teachers, police, public safety, fire and rescue, road design and maintenance, and others. They understand the importance of fighting for immunity immediately, and they have a track record of successfully defending public employees.


There are many unique defenses to tort claims against public employees, even some that are specific to particular positions. While our government tort liability lawyers appreciate the distinctiveness of every case, their experience enables them to be efficient and effective regardless of the claims.

Trusted Government Tort Liability Attorneys

Our government tort liability attorneys are committed to providing high-quality legal services to our clients, providing an unparalleled level of practical, personal, and effective legal representation.

If you want effective, experienced, and efficient defense counsel for a government tort liability claim, contact us today.

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