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Commercial Law

Our Alabama commercial lawyers are experienced in the effective resolution of commercial lawsuits related to business transactions and business practices.

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Our commercial attorneys are experienced in:

  • Commercial Fraud

  • Commercial Liability

  • Commercial Torts

  • Commercial Transactions

  • Commercial Trusts

  • Financing

  • Sale of Goods

  • Secured Transactions

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

  • Warehousing

Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial law is the legal body which governs the operations of business and commercial activities. Commercial law regulates business and commercial contracts and the manufacturing and sales of goods. Several regulatory bodies and agencies control the operations and conduct of commercial entities, as well as legal matters associated with safety, privacy, environmental, and deceptive trade practices.​

The Uniform Commercial Code, which has been adopted in some form in nearly every state, governs numerous areas of commercial law. A commercial use is one which is undertaken for a business purpose, rather than hobby, recreational, educational, or other purposes. Such uses are usually attributed to a for-profit entity, rather than an individual, university or other educational institutions, or non-profit organizations (such as public libraries, charities, and other organizations created for the promotion of social welfare).

Our commercial attorneys are distinguished by a history of successfully handling a variety of commercial law claims. For experienced representation in a commercial dispute or disagreement, contact us today.

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