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Aviation Defense

Our experienced aviation attorneys defend clients involved in aviation accidents and product liability claims in state and federal courts.

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Aviation Defense Attorneys

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Our aviation defense attorneys have experience representing clients in:

  • Aviation Accidents

  • Airplane Equipment Malfunctions

  • Design Defects

  • Helicopter Accidents

  • Manufacturing Defects

  • Mid-Air Collisions

  • Operator Negligence

  • Personal Injury

  • Pilot Error

  • Wrongful Death

Experienced Aviation Defense Lawyers

Aviation accident cases typically involve personal injury or wrongful death. Alabama has a unique wrongful death statute which is based on punitive damages, not compensation. Our aviation lawyers are skilled at defending all types of wrongful death cases, including deaths arising from aircraft accidents.

Our aviation defense cases are built on thorough preparation and consultation with industry experts. The professional and careful evaluation of aviation cases includes the involvement of many other professionals, including engineers, aviation accident reconstruction experts, and other industry experts. They also require an understanding of aviation law and applicable federal regulations, with which our aviation attorneys are intimately familiar. 

For experienced representation in an aviation case, contact an aviation attorney today.

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