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Rives Teaches Appellate Mediation Training

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

On November 15, 2019, Ball Ball Matthews & Novak partner and attorney Jim Rives served as Moderator/Facilitator for the Alabama Center For Dispute Resolution’s appellate mediation training.

The ACDR is the Alabama’s office of dispute resolution, working with courts, the Alabama State Bar, State agencies, schools, businesses and the community to promote early and peaceful resolution of disputes. The ACDR serves as the administrative arm of the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution (a Commission on which Jim has previously served. The Alabama Appellate Mediation Office reviews and refers cases to mediation that are pending with the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court

In order to be included on the roster for cases referred to mediation by the AAMO, individuals are required to undergo training and become certified as an appellate mediator. The training for the most recent applicants took place on November 15 and resulted in certifications for those who participated. Jim served as a Moderator/Facilitator/Speaker for this training, which also resulted in continuing legal education credits for those attending. This year marked the fourth time Jim has served in such a capacity, using his talents and experience to help others become certified in this very important area. Each case that resolves in mediation while a case is on appeal allows the appellate judges to devote more time to other cases that are pending on appeal.

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